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Feasibility and Planning Studies

A feasibility/planning study can provide the answers you need to help determine when your organization should conduct a capital campaign. The study can also be viewed as part of a strategy to engage and cultivate your top prospects in advance of major gift solicitation. Additionally, a feasibility/planning study may also provide the initial momentum required to energize your campaign.

The Feasibility/Planning Study helps determine:

  • Amount that can be reasonably raised including the campaign goal
  • Sources of financial support for a campaign
  • Strength of the case statement
  • Challenges to be met in planning and implementing a successful campaign
  • Leaders for key campaign divisions, including the campaign chairs
  • Donor participation at various giving levels and the approximate number of major gift prospects
  • Organizational readiness
  • Optimal campaign timetable
  • Campaign methodology and procedures best suited for a particular organization


Among the services we provide in a typical study are:

  • Designing the study questionnaire
  • Conducting personal interviews, focus group discussions and survey mailings
  • Assisting with prospect research
  • Preparing a list of potential interviewees
  • Compiling and analyzing the study results
  • Presenting the study findings


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